Message to PS10 Families from the PTA
Tue, Mar 24 12:43pm



Dear PS10 Families,


A Note to Parents from the PTA:

Whoa - what a first day! Congratulations on making it through! It was really tough - for all of us - but we did it and each day will be easier. For those of you who feel like you are drowning, we hear you. It is going to take some time for all of this to settle and for each of us to find our way through. Learning and living in the age of COVID-19 is hard - and there are many times during the day when the new normal feels impossible.


You ALL are doing AMAZING things, even when it feels like you are failing miserably and like the new normal will kill you. It will only get easier from here. The PS10 teachers and administrators have been nothing short of superheroes as they set up and support this entirely new learning universe. A HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of them.


So, here's to day 2 and all that it will bring - to the moments that bring us to tears, to the mistakes and shortcomings we all feel, to the sparks of connection with our families that would never be but for this pandemic, to the lessons learned, and to the jaw-dropping resilience of human beings and our ability to thrive, even when thriving seems impossible.


And a few reminders from the PS10 administration:

Parents are urged to do what they can and that it’s not an expectation to complete everything if they are unable to.



And in regards to devices for families who are still in need, the DOE is trying its best to get them out to needy families. The PS10 administration was told not to give anything out until directed by the chancellor.


Please also see attached PDF from the administration as well.


Thank you!!