Need Help?
Mon, Apr 20 3:27pm

Hello P.S.10 Community,

I hope that when you receive this email you are safe, healthy, and doing well.  When people come across the word “healthy,” they mostly think of physical health and not mental health.  This is the reason I’m sending this message today.  I want to remind you that if you have experienced the loss of a family member, or are ill and quarantined, suffering from cabin fever, stressed out being a home teacher, or your child(ren) are sad and stressed because they can’t go out and play with friends, there are agencies to turn to for help. 

The Child Mind Institute is one of those places.  They are offering Telehealth services to parents and children that need assistance. They have a range of services that help with stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, loss of interest and isolation. They also provide neuropsychological evaluations for children, tutoring, and support for remote learning.  Please reach out to them if you or a family member is experiencing emotional challenges during this time of uncertainty.

You are welcome to contact me personally by emailing me at this address.  I can also call you over the phone if you need to talk.  There are other agencies in the PS10 neighborhood that I can also recommend.

The link to the Child Mind Institute is  .



Mr. Oramas

P.S.10 School Counselor