October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Thu, Oct 17 8:01am

AMAZING! Collectively we (PS 10 and K280) have raised $2,437 for the Making Strides Walk on October 20th, 2019. There is still time left to donate.  Please donate online or see Kris or Heidi by Friday afternoon.   

In the last few weeks we have witnessed the best of people. There has been such compassion, generosity and collaboration to make this fundraiser a success. Here are the things that make us proud to be a part of this community.   
1) Staff members wore pink on Wednesday to support awareness
2) Staff members volunteered their time at lunch to help with the fundraiser 
3) Lunch supervisors and the lunchroom staff helped children make good choices and directed students to purchase or donate money after they ate lunch 
4) Staff members that generously donated items for sale 
6) Staff and Parents registered, or will register, for the Making Strides Walk this Sunday 10/20/2019 at www.uft.org/strides (Join the PS10/K280 Team). We are one of the top fundraising teams!  Kris and I will be at The Walk. We hope to see you there.  
    We will meet at 9:45 AM at the UFT tent.  
7) Classroom teachers and paraprofessionals reminding students and parents about the sale 
8) Staff members made purchases every week or simply made a donation at the sale  
I also had to share how touched I was this morning when one of my Kindergarten students pointed to the 3 buttons she wore. The buttons had the names of 3 relatives who are cancer survivors. In addition, later this afternoon I was grateful to a colleague that gave me a $100.00 donation because her mom is a cancer survivor. Another special moment occurred. A 2nd grader came to the sale with a $10.00 bill and purchased 2 items (which totalled $5.00) and then said that he would like to just donate the other $5.00.    
Cancer unfortunately touches all of our lives at one time or another.  We, at PS10/K280, have worked together to make finding a cure a priority.    
With Gratitude, 
Heidi  Bookman & Kris Pelaez 
Making Strides Coordinators