Online Chesskid Accounts Available for the School
Mon, Mar 30 1:41pm

Hi Parents,


We've migrated our Gladiator community online and wanted to let you know that your child's Chesskid activity is even more important than ever. will be a tremendous resource and give our students access to high-quality chess instruction and play.


We've set up all first and second graders with Chesskid accounts and highly recommend them used for Lessons, Puzzles, and Play.


Your child's username is First name, Last initial, school -- so for example, my username would be IanWps10. Passwords are all ps10chess to get in. Once you have logged in, you are welcome to change your password.


We've attached a short guide to help you with login and how to use some of Chesskid's features


For any other PS10 families who would like a Chesskid account for their child please email and we can set you up with an account.


Thank you,