PS10 Gladiator Chess New York City Championship Results!
Tue, Jan 8 12:52pm

Dear PS10 Families.


With the help of our dedicated coaching staff and incredible parent support community, the PS 10 Gladiator Chess Team made a BIG impact on this year's New York City Championship. All our squads produced excellent results, and no opportunities were lost. Here's the final breakdown:


K-3 Under 600 Team takes 25th place in first outing:


Andrey Terokhin

Victoria Volik

Bella Schaffer

Tatum Talaie


K-1 Under 400 Team breaks into the top ten, finishes 7th:


Dean Decoursy

Joella Catherine Isa Skillman

Peter Volik

Noah Banning

Asher Kirin Rosenbaum

Jeremy K Yoon

Harrison Finn Kleid


Individual honors: Dean Decoursy wins 4.0/5, finishes 10th place individual out of 145 competitors in the section!


And finally, our veteran squad, the K-6 Under 700 Team, also cracked the top ten in our of the deepest sections (44 teams played!), and fought to 9th place:


Benjamin Abramovitz

David Gregory Myndrov

Matteo Edesess-hardy

Adrian Clubb

Henry Berlach

Elijah Moore

Caswell Giles Francis

Rowan Jenkins


Individual honors: Adrian Clubb wins 5.0/5, AND THEN beats three other perfect score players in a blitz playoff, to take clear first place individual in New York City out of 220 competitors in the section!



Thanks to our very supportive community for making this possible: parents, administration, and kids working so hard! Crushed it!!