PS10's Show of Support, March 14th 2018
Fri, Mar 9 2:27pm

March 9, 2018


Dear PS10 and K280 families,


On March 14th, 2018, students across the nation will be demonstrating against gun violence with a 17-minute school walkout.  Our staff, school leadership team and administration have come up with a plan that we feel supports the movement and this historic moment, in an age appropriate way, while taking into consideration concerns and feedback from our school community.


Behind our unifying message of No Place for Hate the following events will take place on March 14th at approximately 10:00 AM. 


  • Pre-K: Students will proceed to the auditorium and participate in a sing-along led by our music teacher and other staff members.


  • K and 1: Students will proceed to the gym to sing songs of peace and love led by our music teacher and other staff members.


  • Grades 2 and 3: Students will attend an anti-violence presentation in the auditorium that addresses the 4Cs of Conflict Resolution:  Cool Down, Communicate, Compromise and Celebrate.


  • Grades 4 and 5:  Students will attend a student-created, student-led gathering in the schoolyard.  They will hang bracelets containing messages of peace and safety on the school fence and listen to presentations from fellow students.  Please note that there will be adult supervision. 


If you do not wish your 4th or 5th grader to attend this outdoor gathering, you will have the option of having your child stay indoors and attend the assembly with the 2nd and 3rd graders.   

*(A hard copy permission slip is being sent home today)


While we welcome all families to participate, our paramount concern is the safety of our children.  In order to ensure that this day is handled in a sensitive manner, we have put into place the following:


  • Families will be asked to encircle the school building on the outside of our gates at 10 AM in a demonstration of unity with the school community. 


  • Any family wishing to participate in a community activity outside our gates or elsewhere is welcome to do so, but must officially sign their children out no later than 9:45 a.m. following normal school sign-out procedures. 


  • We will not be able to accommodate any family members or caregivers inside the building during these school-based activities.  We must address and ensure the safety, security and serenity of our students.


The spotlight on recent tragic events nationwide has brought to the surface tension and fear in all of us.  We should be proud of how resilient our children have been as they face a reality of a much different world than many of us experienced as children.  PS10 and K280 students are working hard to ensure that this event is a meaningful moment for those who would like to participate.


Yours in solidarity,


Laura, Jason and Gary