PTA General Meeting Thurs., 10/8 @ 7:30am - Agenda + June '20 Minutes
Wed, Oct 7 9:33pm

Dear PS10 Families,

Please find the agenda for tomorrow's PTA general membership meeting (at 7:30 am) below:

  • Call meeting to order
  • Review/approve minutes from June 25th general membership meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Extended Day Report
  • Principal’s Report
  • New & Old Business
    • Fundraising Meeting
  • Community Q&A
  • Adjournment

To reiterate, Zoom login details are as follows:

Meeting ID: 922 2889 5281
Passcode: wg3LyZ
One tap mobile
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Lastly, the minutes from the last PTA meeting of the 2019-2020 school year are attached and included below for review prior to the meeting.




PS10 PTA General Meeting Minutes // June 25, 2020

8:03 PM Meeting Called to Order by  Heather / Seconded by Julie

  • A message from our PTA President
    • Welcome to our last PTA meeting of the year - we made it! 
    • Rules of the road: we are asking you to vote on the 2020-2021 budget via Zoom poll. The DOE rules require everyone to use their real names for voting so please change your name to your real name. By law, because of voting, we are required to record the meeting, turn off your camera if you do not wish to be recorded. Post your questions to Jennine Carella at Ask Questions Here, Or if you want to speak, chat “I want to speak” to Jennine and she will unmute you to ask your question. 
    • Let’s start by thanking the parents and teachers of the PS10 community. The time you’ve devoted to our school has been tremendous. Thank you for your donations, money, talents, and work, we could not have done it without you. Especially the Executive Board, who works tirelessly throughout the year to make sure we are on budget, on time, and making the community’s dreams come true. Thank you for everything you did this year and I can’t wait to work with you in the future. Big thank you to our amazing principal Laura Scott, the APs, they work hard to make sure our in-class programs are great, events are staffed well, and someone of authority is there. Also thanks to the office who deals with our permits, supplies, and everything - Ally, Dani, and the whole team. 
    • Lastly, the PTA wants to give a special thank you to 4 members of our community - Shereen Rosenthal, Fred Ellis, Geraldine Thill, and Jane Cyphers - who are retiring. Combined, they have devoted over 100 years of service to our school. We will miss you, our kids will miss you, your work has sprouted joy and learning for our children.
  • 5/21 PTA General Meeting minutes unanimously approved
  • Treasurer’s Report - Jenn Cribbs and Ann Gregg
    • Ann: We want you to know where we are for the budget for this fiscal year (2019 - 2020) ending June 30th.
    • Thank you to everyone who contributed to the budget, it could not happen without you donating and giving your time. We are grateful that our 10 for 10 June campaign made $32,640 thanks to a $15K donation from one family and all the other generous donations from members of our community. The fiscal year 2019-2020 budget will have $290,888 in income with expenses of $290,001. We anticipate being net positive $887. We balanced the budget and put some in the bank for next year. Anticipate Extended Day budget and K280 will also be balanced. Truly wonderful. 
    • Jenn: We were looking at a shortfall a month ago but we pulled together, and now we can go into next year from a healthy position ready to meet the needs of PS10 no matter what happens in September.
    • Ann: Now, we present the budget for the next fiscal year, talk through, and tell you how we got here. 
      • We know there will be a lot of questions about next year in terms of virtual vs. in person. We want to build a budget that offers flexibility so we can be responsive to what is needed. Thanks to the budget committee who began meeting in January to begin the progress of building the budget by working with the community, and in conversation with Ms. Scott and Ally Koziel. They are doing the best they can to plan for next year as they wait for information from the DOE. Lastly, we got here because of the 95 families who responded to the budget survey. Most wanted to support clusters, and 53% said to keep the budget flat, 20% said to increase, and fewer wanted it to decrease. 
    • 2020 - 2021 Budget Proposal:
      • We would like to pass a budget of $301,610. This is $50K less than last fiscal year, but $10K more than where we ended up this year. Passing the budget today will allow us to start spending money this summer as necessary. On the income side: $100K is earmarked to come from individuals and corporate match, $100K from the Auction event, and Read-a-thon (60/40 respectively), and the last third will come from other events and direct sales. The parent survey also came up with new fundraising ideas: please let us know if you want to lead these efforts. We also need help running the auction this year. It’s a big event. There were also some ideas about digital fundraisers that could make money and families could sell things they make. 
      • Expense side: The lines highlighted in red mark where there is an increase or decrease from last year. A lot should look familiar from last year, but we wanted to point out the differences. The first is a large amount, reflecting that 71% of parents said they place importance on supporting in-classroom support, impacting student-teacher ratio, and academic interaction. Lunch/recess support is down because we don’t know how much outside recess we’ll have. The Inclusion / Anti-bullying Education line is increasing; the survey said it was important and it’s reflective of our response to recent events. We want PS10 to be a safe, inclusive place for all. STEAM and music and dance were also voted as important to the school community, cluster support, particularly in music and science. Because we have teachers from these subjects, retiring we want to be there for the school to help supplement. We will look at vendors for those subjects and are taking a year off from Met Opera as it’s expensive. There are fewer fundraising events than last year, knowing we are coming back to school in a different way. We want to make sure we still have opportunities for our community to come together. 
      • Jenn: There is also a lot of flexibility in our budget because we don’t yet know what the DOE budgets will look like. We see it as a way to supplement and not be redundant to what the DOE may be funding.
      • Ms. Scott: She appreciates that we are supporting them, particularly in science and music, because we don’t know what it will look like next year.
      • Ann: We know there will be a lot of changes, so we want to be flexible and transparent. We will make sure people understand where we are so we can make decisions as a community.
      • Using Zoom, the community voted on the 2020 - 2021 Budget: 96% voted YES, (45), and 2 abstained.
    • Ann: Thank you to all for voting in next year’s budget, we feel like we are in a really good place as we go into next year!
    • Heather: We are in need of people to volunteer to run our auction, which brings in such a large percentage of our budget. Right now it’s in the fall, but if it would be better for the planning committee to move it to the spring, we can do that. 
  • Extended Day Report: Nick Moons
    • Finishing up our online spring session, which unfortunately wasn’t well attended.
    • We are also offering summer classes to offer some reprieve during the summer for kids and parents.
    • In our weekly meetings, we are talking about ways to stay nimble and address the needs of parents and kids, as we roll into the fall with an uncertain situation. 
    • We will be bringing some ideas and ways we are pivoting to the PTA in hopes of getting feedback from parents in the form of surveys to find a way to become more relevant and useful to the community. We could use a lot of help if anyone out there wants to help change and evolve the program. It’s a daunting task, but we will actively be working through the summer to have something up and running for the fall that will be good for the community. 
    • Feel free to email me ( with your ideas and suggestions, please take the survey we will be sending out next week, and if you have any other feedback or constructive criticism we welcome it.
    • Q: What plans does ED have for the fall, and what type of social distancing plans will be in place? A: They will be following the same guidelines as the administration, and are working on an assumption that ED would be allowed in the building. We don’t know if that’s true. Our online offerings will become more robust and in line with the curriculum, outside of the school programs as well. Might be walking around, or outdoor physical education.
    • Laura Scott: We will include Extended Day in our conversations about reopening and safety committee meetings.
    • Q: Will ED be available in-school and remotely on a split schedule? Yes, if we are allowed in the school, to whatever degree that’ll fit in the guidelines we will be doing that and offering online classes, also online homework help. Whatever is most welcomed and needed. 
    • Please fill out the Extended Day survey when it is sent out! Thank you!
  • Principal’s Report: Laura Scott
    • I can’t believe this year has come to an end. This is the most challenging thing we have ever faced. It feels good to be supported by amazing staff. We all pulled together to make sure the kids had what they needed during this time. 
    • A few things: The staff has agreed to leave Google Classrooms up for parents to access activities and lessons. Summer School will be underway this summer, 27 students will attend. We have no holdovers in grades 3 - 5. Those that need it will attend Summer School from July 6th to Aug 11th at PS32. It will run 9:30 am - 12:30 pm Mon - Thurs. If you want your child to attend, please feel free to let your teacher know. 
    • 5th Grade Graduation was amazing. Kudos to Gary Nusser who came up with a platform to do it, Screenyard. People were able to show videos of the kids, and baby pictures, and there were a few speakers, plus our superintendent. The children commented on how much they loved Heather Volik’s speech.
    • Registration: Parents, please register your child for Pre-k and K. Please encourage friends and family to register, not just accept their offers, as we can’t move forward until we have those registrations. Of 468 seats at K280, 423 offers were accepted but only 175 students have registered so far. This is the equivalent of only 10 of 26 classes. To register, fill in the registration form, and send some documentation of the child’s date of birth. 
    • Maddie: Danny DePaz will accept copies of DOB documentation via email for now, and make plans to make hard copies later. 
    • Report Cards will be available digitally on July 6th. Please access your MySchools account with your child’s OSIS number. If you do not have the number, reach out to your teachers or email Maddie. The OSIS number is also on your child’s’ previous report cards. 
    • No calendar for next year has been released yet, we are anticipating September 9th will be the first day of school but we will see. 
    • New class information will be distributed on August 1st. You should receive both the classroom and the teacher’s name. If there are questions, you can reach out to us around August 31st when we will know more.
    • Reopening: We don’t know what is going to happen. We are consulting staff, SLT, DOE, and UFT, as well as the CDC, and will be rolling out guidelines. We are looking at school blueprints to determine our hybrid model, doing walkthroughs of the building as we think about what social distancing will look like at PS10. Nothing will be rolled out until the last week of August.
    • Virtual celebrations: Trying to have for Pre-k and K graduates and Student Council, these were somewhat successful. It’s hard for kids to interact virtually. For our kids, this will be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives that they can share with their children and grandchildren. We are trying to focus on the good with the children, they are real troopers. From us and the staff, please give the children hugs because we are all missing the kids so much!
    • It’s sad about our retirees, but we are glad PTA will be helping supplement these teachers’ subjects.
    • We hired new psychologists both full time and part-time, one who worked at the CEC for years. One part-time psychologist will be shared with 321 and 118.
    • The kids did amazing video clips & a song for the Passive House project, you’ll see that later.
    • Q&A: 
      • Q: What happens to the things that are left in classrooms? How do we retrieve them? A: Ongoing challenge, for parents and staff. Custodians have already started cleaning and putting students things in clear plastic bags marked with their classroom number. If you want to get anything then contact one of the APs or Ms. Scott and we will try to give access. We didn’t have an opportunity to allow families to get in and get their things until now. 
      • Q: Around remote learning, will it be offered for families who decide to keep their children home? A: Yes, that’s the plan, and why we surveyed our parents. We are going to try our best to address everyone’s needs. If parents refuse to send kids to school we will address their academic needs remotely. There will be some form of hybrid learning, e.g., for children who have immune issues or their families do, there will be virtual learning. We have to play it by ear and nothing will be set in stone until the third week of August.
      • Q: There were 3 schedules recommended by the DOE, which of the 3 are we leaning towards? A: We are looking at all 3, and taking into consideration what’s happening with the city. We are looking at what the teachers think we should do as well. We hope for a hybrid model because we now kids want some contact. But now it’s too early to say.
      • Q: When we do know what’s going on, what notifications will be going out to parents? A: Formal letters, Konstella, website, and school messengers.
      • Q: Being that this was the first attempt at distance learning, there wasn’t a lot of teaching going on. What can we do to change this? A: We have been in lots of discussions but we are still up in the air. This was the first time many teachers had to teach remotely, and they did the best they could, keep in mind that some have kids at home themselves. Every classroom looked different. We will continue to have these discussions and need to consider everyone when we roll out a new model.
      • Q: Hybrid model, if in-person/remote, will PS10 hire additional teachers? A: Depends on the budget, and we won’t be able to answer now as the budget doesn’t come out until July 19th.
      • Q: In terms of placement of kids in classrooms, is there an opportunity for putting kids who are already in pods into classrooms together? A: We need to make sure kids are safe and are consulting teachers regarding the placement of kids. We might have a Mon - Tues, Thurs Fri schedule with a break for cleaning on Weds. That is just one model being discussed. There are so many different scenarios, so we cannot commit to one of them at this time. Grouping by pod is not a priority.
      • Q: Are teachers being given any training around remote learning best practices? A: Yes, we are constantly discussing. There was professional development today on hybrid learning. Teachers also sharing best practices on remote learning.
      • Q: Would there be a consideration in keeping siblings together on the same days of the week? A: That will be a challenge for us, as we have so many other considerations in placing kids.
      • Q: In terms of summer, for related services missed like OT, is there an opportunity for them to be made up in the summer, and will they be remote or in-person? A: We cannot answer, as some of the therapists have their own supervisors and do not report to us. Some remote teletherapy is planned. She will reach out to supervisors and people can call her on Monday to ask about it.
      • Q: What will happen with music, art, and gym with social distancing? A: These are tough questions. If we don’t know if school will be remote or hybrid, we cannot answer right now. Our priority is the core studies like ELA.
      • Q: How will assessments be done in the fall [i.e., Where children are academically?]? A: We will embrace an accelerated model and start with that grade-level curriculum and help with academic intervention or other strategies to support the kids.
      • Q: For belongings in school, when is the last day to get them? For someone in possession of school property when do they have to return? A: Laura will be in school most of July, email Ally Koziel. In terms of equipment, contact us and let us know when you are ready to drop it off. Ally and Laura will be there in July.
      • Q: Can we have a PTA meeting in August to get an update? A: Laura will discuss it with Heather. If we don’t have a meeting we can share information via Konstella.
      • Q: Are there plans to address the social-emotional impact on kids? A: Teachers are with you and have looked at different models to support the kids. We are focused on how we will address the needs of kids academically but will look at the social-emotional piece as well. Once we know the mode of instruction for the fall, they will be able to address the social-emotional piece. If it’s remote, they will try to implement some new strategies. 
      • Q: Do we know if children and staff will be wearing masks? A: Yes, and kids will need to as well.
      • Q: Read-a-thon - what was the outcome? A: We posted the results on Konstella on June 4th, the top readers and earners in each classroom, and grade-wide winners. It is available on Konstella. AnnMarie will also post again. We raised $45K for our school - the most ever!
  • Video Presentations: 
    • 4th and 5th-Grade Drama Club
    • Passive House Project
  • 9:34 PM: Heather made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Julie seconded.