Positive Behavior Supports at PS10
Tue, Nov 7 2:41pm

By now, many of your children are coming home talking about Tenacious cards, awards and assemblies.  This year we are rolling out a school wide Positive Behavior program that incorporates clear expectations, consistent language, social skills instruction and an incentive plan. 


Our school  expectations identify RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and RESILIENT behaviors. *(I have attached the behavior expectations that the teachers have been reviewing with students.)


We are focusing the majority of our year on areas of the school where we have noticed a spike in behavior incidents; the cafeteria/playground and the hallways/stairwells.   


To reinforce positive behavior  (identified on the expectations charts) we recognize classes with Tenacious Cards. When classes earn, for example, 10 cards, they have a choice of a variety of fun activities like an extra period of recess or a game period in class.  *(Incentive plan attached)


We are also teaching students about appropriate volume in the cafeteria and hallways. We have distributed a Voice Volume Chart to all classes that teachers use to review locations (color zones) in the school.  For example, the cafeteria is a GREEN zone (inside voice).  *(volume chart attached)


Finally, every month we will be facilitating grade level assemblies. At our assemblies we meet to discuss social skills issues around being inclusive and  recognize positive student behavior with TENacious Certificates.  Additionally, students are invited to perform a song, musical piece, dance or share school work that they are proud of.  Our next week of assemblies is:

11/28- Grade 2-3

11/29- Grade 4-5

11/30-  Grade K-1


The students are enthusiastic about our new program and we have already seen a dramatic impact in the cafeteria.   


Please reach out if you have any questions.


PS10 Admin