RE: Breast Cancer Prevention Project
Fri, Oct 18 11:24am

Good morning families,

One of our wonderful parents, Ms. Rosalind Rita would like to provide free classes to all women for breast cancer awareness month.

Below is a small blurb from Ms. Rita regarding the classes that were developed and supported by TCM World Foundation (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Participants will learn a  series of Qigong energy movements to help prevent and heal from breast cancer at various stages.  Qigong works directly on the meridian level to help energy move freely throughout the body.  The postures taught help move energy through the breast area for optimal breast health.  No prior experience is necessary and no special clothing is needed.  The movements are simple and self-contained and can be done in a small space.  For additional information, you can visit - 

We would like to create a schedule with Ms. Rita for these classes but we need to find out how many people would be interested in attending.  Kindly please reach out to Ms. Barrett Braithwaite at 

Please write in the subject line "Interest in the Breast Cancer Prevention Project"

Thank you,

PS 10 Admin