RE: Morning Arrivals - 9/29 Cohort A
Mon, Sep 28 9:29pm

Please be aware that temperature checks will be conducted prior to children entering the building.  No paper screening will be done tomorrow.


Morning Arrivals for Possible Inclement Weather Tomorrow:

(Teachers will be in line up area to receive students.  They will be holding placards to identify class).

Please make sure that students are dressed appropriately for the weather.

First Grade enters small gate by Prospect Ave and lines up near the Auditorium doors.  (8:30 am)

Second Grade enters large gate by Prospect Ave and lines up alongside the wall near the handicap ramp. (8:30 am)

Third Grade lines up on by their teacher on 17th street near the main entrance.  (8:45 am)

Fourth Grade lines up on 17th street near the rear of the building (exit 7) by the handicap entrance.  (8:30 am).

Fifth Grade lines up on 7th avenue (middle of the block) (8:30 am).

Kindergarten enters large gate by Prospect Ave and lines up by the rear wall near exit 4/5. (9:00 am).

Please try to be on time as teachers will be escorting students in promptly.