RE: School Updates
Wed, Mar 4 1:42pm

Good afternoon families,

As we are learning more about the different effects of the coronavirus, we are working tirelessly with our custodial staff to ensure that our bathrooms are well stocked with soap and paper towels.

We have purchased Lysol spray and wipes to assist in sanitizing common areas.  Additionally, we have placed hand sanitizer stations throughout the building for students and staff to use.  If you would like to donate materials to assist us in keeping our school stocked and clean, please let the classroom teacher know.

As we are trying our best to help keep our students and staff healthy, we ask that you remind your children to wash their hands when needed.  Please let them know that they can always tell an adult if soap or paper towels are unavailable. 

Also, having your child come to school with a water bottle that they can easily refill would be helpful.


As with any potential outbreak we would like your cooperation with the following:

1. Wash your hands frequently. Please use the attached resources to mirror and reinforce our school hand washing procedures at home. 

2. Please try not to send your children to school when they are ill. We ask that we all take a closer look at those runny noses and coughs in the coming days and months...Please use a thermometer to check for fever before coming to school. 

3. At this time we ask that children not share food during snack and mealtimes at school and during afterschool. Please have a conversation with your children regarding this request. 

4. Last but not least remind your child that if they cough and sneeze to please try and do it in their elbow and/or a tissue, and to wash their hands after. 

“If  you cough or sneeze do it in your elbow please...then wash those hands!”

Learning Surveys

We would also like to inform you that Learning Surveys will be distributed today and tomorrow during parent teacher conferences.  Your voice matters!  We would love for you to complete the forms and return them to the classroom teacher as soon as possible.  If you would like to complete the form online, please let the teacher know when it has been submitted.  You can access the survey through this link provided:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.

Thank you and we are grateful for all the support that you give us!