RE: Strep Throat
Thu, Nov 15 11:19am

Good day Parents and Guardians,


As the winter season is soon approaching with colder weather, we would like you to be aware of our children becoming sick.  Beyond the common cold and flu, our students are also becoming ill through strep throat.


Strep throat is contagious and easily spread.  Kindly please view the attached link for more information on the signs and symptoms of strep throat as well as how it can be treated.


In addition to what is shared on the website, please discourage your children from sharing water bottles and continue covering their noses and mouths when sneezing and coughing.  We supply classrooms with hand sanitizer.  Please encourage your children to use it as well as making sure they wash their hands when they visit the bathrooms.


If your child is displaying any signs or symptoms of strep throat, please schedule a visit to your doctor.


We want everyone to be here happy and healthy.


Thank you.




PS 10 Admin