RE: Zoom
Wed, Apr 1 8:39am


Dear PS 10 Families,


It is hard to believe that this is only our second week of remote learning. Thank you! Thank you for embracing this new kind of school. Thank you for supporting your kids with their learning and thank you for supporting our teachers while they figure out how to bring their classrooms to life and continue to support your children from their own homes. 


We anticipate that our Google Classrooms, our instruction and our interactions will evolve in the upcoming weeks as we learn more about how to best support our students. Many routines have already been established but you should expect teachers to adjust their schedules, activities and instruction as they learn what is working best for their students. It is likely that in the upcoming weeks teachers may post a video of a lesson, share a recording of a read aloud or schedule a live morning meeting on Zoom. We appreciate that these are meaningful ways for your children to get to see, hear and interact with both their teachers and their classmates. 


Please DO NOT RECORD any live lessons or meetings. Please do not use the Zoom feature or another device to record the teacher or any of the students participating. We want all of our students to have the opportunity to participate in these experiences and we want all families to know that these interactions are not being recorded or posted anywhere. If we learn that some families are recording these live interactions with teachers and students we will not be able to continue to provide our students with these types of opportunities. Some teachers may choose to share a pre-recorded video of a lesson but these videos will not include any students. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Remote Learning guidelines, please reach out to any of the administrators.