Recess Parent Volunteers Initiative
Fri, Dec 21 12:06pm

Dear parents and guardians,


The cold season is upon us and that means recess will need more help as kids are inside for their play time. On days with pouring rain, snow or below zero temperatures, P.S. 10 students spend recess indoors.  PS10 has limited indoor space for the children and we have 150 children in recess at a time, with another 150 eating lunch simultaneously. The PTA has brought in recess coaches to assist, but we need more help!


We are therefore rolling out a new school wide parent volunteer program which will run from January 7 to March 30, 2019. We are looking to add helping hands to support P.S. 10 staff during each lunch and recess period in the winter months.


In the past several months, The Recess Committee and PTA have gathered feedback from teachers, staff, the administration, and students in order to understand how to improve the children’s experiences during lunch and recess. Among the things children most wished for were the opportunity to move around, run, dance, socialize with friends from other classes, as well as the ability to find a quiet place for reading or board games. Most of all, they wished to be given a choice in how to spend their recess period.


The PTA is working actively to find a way to offer more choices to the children given the limited indoor space we have. In our discussions with the staff it has become clear that the one thing that will help immensely with achieving that goal is to have more adults involved in supervising and organizing the lunch and recess periods.


By volunteering to supervise lunch and recess during winter you will help to:


  • Provide safer and more sanitary environment during lunch period

  • Ensure a more orderly and better organized recess time for all our students

  • Contribute in the work towards offering students choices for indoor recess

  • Increasing the time students spend outdoors

  • Improve the school experience of all P.S.10  students by strengthening the ties between families and the school


In order to secure parent volunteers for each lunch and recess period we are going to set up a school wide schedule for volunteering. Each P.S. 10 class will be assigned a specific week for which they should try to provide volunteers. A total of three classes per week will share in the work of supervising lunch and recess. P.S. 10 has three lunch periods every day between 11am -2 pm. We will need at least 2-3 parents for each lunch/recess period.


Parents will be able to sign up for any number of one hour segments during their class assigned week on Konstella or by contacting their class parent. Class schedules with assigned weeks as well as guidelines and expectations for volunteers will be distributed in the coming days (see attached).


Family involvement plays a crucial role in the work to provide the best learning environment for all P.S. 10 students. Please return to check the schedule and plan to put an hour or more on your calendar for recess volunteering. It is a fun and rewarding experience and is enormously helpful for entire school community!




P.S. 10 PTA,

Class Parents Committee,

Recess Committee