Recommendations for Cooperative Childcare from the Parent Support Collective Committee
Tue, Sep 15 3:47pm

A Message From the Parent Support Collective Committee

Hello, PS10 families!

We hope to begin the school year successfully despite the unprecedented challenges ahead of us. We know there’s a lot of frustration about the unknowns surrounding the fall and how to best manage work and the education of our kids. Protecting our children, teachers, and staff from COVID-19 is everyone’s first priority, but we also want to help ensure safe places for our kids to learn and grow.

You may be interested in forming cooperative childcare (often referred to as “pods” or “social bubbles”). The school is not advocating nor managing cooperative childcare, but the Parent Support Collective acknowledges that in times of need, it is understandable and necessary to look to our community. With that in mind, we are including resources on how to form child care sharing arrangements that work towards equity and inclusion. During a time when the pandemic has laid bare the inequities in our employment arrangements, our healthcare system, and our educational system; we ask you to consider how these cooperative childcare arrangements can be accessible to all children in our school.

If you would like to connect with other parents who are actively involved in this initiative, and raise questions or concerns, please join the Parent Support Collective committee on Konstella. (Has someone in your family, or someone you know at PS10, not registered for Konstella yet? Click here to sign up. This will be the key to parent-school communication. Contact if you need assistance signing up.)

The expression “It takes a village” is more relevant now than ever. We are all in this together, and we will get through it and be a stronger community for it. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sending our love and support,

PTA Parent Support Collective




  • Before planning, answer these ten questions to ensure your childcare collective starts from a place of equity.
  • Take some time to review legal and COVID safety measures before starting your childcare collective.
  • Consider forming a childcare collective with people from your cohort if you are in a hybrid class to ensure safety. To get started forming a childcare collective within your cohort, post a message in your Konstella classroom (coming soon!) expressing your interest in forming small learning/social/childcare groups with classmates, and asking if others are interested. Be inclusive of children in the class who require special accommodations so that nobody feels left out.
  • Set up a time to talk or meet with other interested families. Here are some questions to consider discussing as families figure out whether they have the same goals and intentions:
    • What are you hoping your child will get out of the group?
    • What considerations are important to you in forming a group?
    • What hours of coverage are your family looking for?
    • Are there resources that your family can offer (for example, provide time supervising children, provide space where children can meet, ability to take children to the park, able to pick children up after school, etc.)
    • Are there concerns you would like to discuss?

Review this sample intake form created by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for more guidance.

  • Stay committed and advocate for equitable childcare by joining the Parent Support Collective Committee and by following public figures and elected officials who are working towards addressing childcare needs in an equitable way, such as Jabari Brisport, Rodrigo Camarena, and the office of Comptroller Scott M. Stringer.

For additional resources and perspectives on the topic, please refer to the following articles: