Regarding the Discarding of Books at P.S. 10
Fri, Sep 27 11:39am

Good afternoon P.S. 10 Families,

It was recently brought to our attention that some families were concerned that "perfectly good" books were being thrown out.  Please note that when books are discarded from a school that we do so with serious consideration.  As you may be aware, we have a new school librarian- Gracen Cloud- whose first priority was to make sure that our school library was ready to receive students and to get books into students' hands.  School librarians operate under the auspices of the NYC School Librarian handbook, and the 'weeding' guidelines are quite clear:



“In too many libraries, collection development is actually based on the book as an object. Public libraries should not be in the business of accumulating physical objects. The purpose should be to provide the content that is needed and used by the public." 


Weeding/De-selection Guidelines

Weeding is an essential component of any collection development plan in order to

maintain a collection that meets the needs of students and the curriculum. The weeding

guidelines should include reasons for weeding and criteria for de-selection. The

following points may be used as the foundation for weeding guidelines:

You Need to Weed…

  • To maintain a current, useful, dynamic collection
  • To adapt to changing needs and interests of students and teachers
  • To accommodate changes in the school’s curriculum
  • To make the best use of floor and shelf space
  • To improve the physical appearance of the collection
  • To assess the collection’s strengths and weaknesses
  • To increase circulation

Weeding Criteria

  • Length of time since the book was last checked out (on average 5 years)
  • Age of the book in terms of copyright date (on average 5 years, although age is more telling in some parts of the Dewey scheme than in others, e. g., medical, legal, current events, and computer subjects need to be very current
  • Condition of the book

Once this process is completed, classroom teachers were given access to any books that may have been discarded solely due to condition, not content.  Books that were deemed to contain  any inaccuracies, outdated information (i.e. encyclopedias) or potentially offensive terminologies were then gathered and disposed of in clear bags.  


I hope that this gives families a clear understanding of the process.  We ask that if you ever have any questions or concerns that you reach out to us directly so clarification can be provided.  


Have a great long weekend everybody-

P.S. 10 Administration