Safety at PS10
Tue, Feb 20 9:38am

Dear PS10 School Community,

Every morning that you drop your children off we accept the responsibility of educator and protector. It is by far the most important responsibility we can be entrusted with and we take it with the utmost seriousness.

It is not easy to hand over your children to a school, especially after the recent events that we were all impacted by.

Can we ensure that an incident never occurs at PS10? We all know that guarantees are not a reality. We can, however, assure you all that our staff is practiced and confident with the variety of response protocols, and that safety issues are addressed frequently at safety committee and faculty meetings. While it’s disheartening that our children must practice safety drills, particularly lockdowns, they too are well versed in the procedures. In fact, when we return to school we plan to review safety protocols with our staff and will practice a soft lockdown with the students. *(We are required to facilitate a soft-lockdown drill by 3/7).

We also welcome your ideas, support, expertise and cooperation. While we are bound by federal safety regulations there is always room for improvement. If you see areas of concern let us know! Our children deserve a safe school and we can continue to keep PS10 safe by working together.


Laura, Gary and Jason