School Safety Announcement - IDs, Parking & Bathroom
Sun, Jan 28 5:08pm

School Safety: Please help us to keep your children safe!





We would like to remind parents that a form of ID is always required to enter the school building. Visitor Passes for parents and guests that are given out by our School Safety Officers must be visible at all times.


The visitor passes aid in identifying who is in the building in case of an emergency or in the case of a lacking pass, who should not be in the building. Visiting parents and guests must stay on the floors or area that their visiting badge is designated, a parent or new face on the upper floors of the building can very easily trigger a school lock-down which takes away from student enrichment and instruction time and may cause stress to our student population.



There are growing concerns with the parking and traffic situation around the school at both the arrival  and dismissal times. Students should be in the school yard by 8:15A.M. in the morning for line-up. Children arriving late will have to obtain a late pass in the lobby.


Parents and caregivers who travel by vehicle should arrive early enough that they do not block the traffic on Prospect Avenue, 17th or 7th Streets. Parking enforcement for standing, blocking, or double parked vehicles on those streets is going to start occurring due to multiple complaints. Tickets can range from a minimum of $115.00 depending on the infraction.


The school is taking steps to aid in the dismissal process with on time dismissals by the teachers and shifting additional grades to the school yard.


Bathrooms during school hours

We have a unisex bathroom on the second floor for parent and visitor use. Adults are not allowed to use or be present in the student bathrooms on any floor of the building during school hours. A key for the guest bathroom is always available from the School Safety Officers.


Thank you!