School starts at on September 5th AT 8:2O A.M. !
Thu, Aug 15 12:40pm

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well.......

PS10 office staff return during the week of August 26th. We are closed until then. Please contact the office during that week to get your child's classroom assignments if you did not receive one in the mail. If your address has changed you must email Ms. Depaz at  when she returns, include one proof of your new address and she can make the change. Remember as well  to do a change of address card at the post office to make sure you are receiving all of your mail. 


Go to, click on Extended Day to learn more about our wrap around after school program. I am sure there will be info about applying on the site later this month.  Don't worry, first month is called September Smash. It is ongoing enrollment. There is space for everyone in the program. The schedule and selection of each day's after school classes, will be prepared for you in late September. Everyone has a chance at getting into a preferred class, through a lottery system. 

Don't Worry you will be notified of everything in advance. 


Here's a list of local groups that pick up from PS 10 . Students going to groups outside of school are brought to the auditorium. Counselors from each org. will be waiting to pick up their group. They take attendance first , and when everyone is accounted for they are permitted to leave with the  group . Children should be prepared to travel with their group rain or shine. 

NOTE: IF your child is being picked up (transported) by any outside group, you must fill out the YELLOW CARD that is found in the Parent Folder, handed out on the first day of school. We cannot allow any student to leave without prior notification.


Congregation Beth Elohim 

Brooklyn Game Lab                

The Tiny Scientist                    

Brooklyn Acting Lab              

The League of Young Inventors        

Bean sprouts                              


I am certain I left some groups off my list. Go to to learn what other orgs. are available.