Spring Progressive Dinner is Coming March 21st - Hosts Needed!
Tue, Feb 11 8:30pm

Hello PS10 Families!

Good news! We are kicking off the first day of Spring this year with everyone's favorite event, The Progressive Dinner! PS10’s adults-only, community-building fundraiser sells out quickly and is a fun, unique event each and every time. March 21st is just around the corner and we hope you will open up your home and join our group of amazing hosts. We need volunteers to host the appetizer and dinner courses before we all come together at one location for dessert.

If you're saying to yourself "our place is too small," stop right there - it isn't! Small spaces are perfect for an intimate group for cocktails & appetizers.

If you think hosting means a complicated, fussy menu - NOPE, so not true! Fear not! Things need not be fancy - a signature cocktail along with wine/beer and some non-alcoholic options are all you need to make things feel like a party. AND we always recommend a make-ahead dinner option to keep things fun and easy-going.

If you're new to Progressive here is the basic lay-of-the-land:

Appetizers: 6PM - 7:30PM

Travel Time: 7:30PM - 8PM (so you and your cohorts can make your way to the next course)

Dinner: 8PM - 10PM

Dessert: 10PM - whenever

We are always looking for new spaces & places to host dessert, so if you have any ideas, PLEASE let us know - we are definitely open to suggestions! One of the major perks of hosting is that you get to attend all the other courses for FREE! If you are considering trying your hand at "this hosting thing" please come to an informational meeting on March 3rd at 8:30pm so you can pick our brains and ask any questions you may have. This is our FAVORITE event so we have become experts and can offer lots of advice, some wise & some silly, but all with loving support. Email us and we will give you the address!!This adults-only night out is an incredible fundraising event for our PTA and a great way to connect with other PS10 families - SPOILER ALERT: many new friendships have formed in the participation of this event!Our hosts are always so amazed at how easy and fun the night turns out. Some quotes from last year's hosts:“Amazing night”“Will totally do it again!”“So much fun!”We love the planning of this event and work to ensure all of our guests have a spectacular night. Our hosts are the stars of the night and Progressive just can't happen without them - won't you please consider becoming part of that group?

If you are even mildly interested in hosting and want to find out a bit more, email progressivesupper@pta.ps10.org or call/text Heather at 917-361-5529 to RSVP to the meeting on March 3rd. Please be sure to include your phone number in case we need to text an update.

If you decide to meet us to find out more, we will email you confirming the details by March 2nd. Whether you decide to join our group of hosts or attend as a guest on March 21st, we look forward to seeing you there!

Your Progressive Dinner Co-Chairs,

Cynthia, Heather & Carmen