Thank you
Sat, Jun 2 11:32am

Dear PS10 community,

By now many of you may have heard that I am leaving PS10.  While word has been buzzing for some time, I am just now able to make an official announcement. I will be transitioning to PS154, as a Principal, on June 11th.
It’s only been two years but your warmth and acceptance have made me feel like I’ve been a member of this community for so much longer.  Thank you for sharing your ideas, your frustrations and aspirations (and for listening to me talk.)  It’s been a great privilege for me to experience a school driven by such a passionate dedication to enhancing the lives of our children. I am humbled by all I’ve learned during my time in the community and I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with such incredible kids, educators and families. 
PS10 is truly a special place and I will miss spending my days with you all. Fortunately, I will be close by and ready for collaborative projects!
Thank you for all of your support.
Best Wishes,
Jason Foreman