Two days and counting......
Tue, Sep 5 11:31am

I hope everyone had a pleasant summer. As we are about to start our school year here are a few reminders:

Kindergarten is a half day on September 7th only: 8:20 - 11:40 AM.  At the start of school, please gather in front of the 7th avenue doors, weather permitting. We will call you in by classroom number at the 8:20 bell. Parents will escort kindergarten students to class. The classroom teacher will determine the length of your stay; keep in mind that you must leave smiling and confident for the sake of your child. Encourage their excitement by showing you are excited for them. Praise them as 'big girls and boys'. Please send only supplies needed, you will be able to bring more supplies in the following days. Please send a full change of clothes in a ziplock bag the first day. Label everything. Kindergarten students will also go to lunch (on an earlier schedule) the first day and on all half days. The teacher will inform you about their daily lunch (and snack ) schedule. All PS 10 students are offered free school lunch everyday . You may send a bag lunch if you choose to. No microwavable food or glass bottles, please.

If it is raining upon arrival, please enter on 17th street. We will seat kindergarten students and parents in the auditorium if you arrive before the bell. 

At 11:40 AM promptly, please gather on the sidewalk in front of the 17 th street entrance. Students will be escorted out by their teachers and instructed to line up along the fence. Please allow your child to complete their line up . When the teacher stops and turns toward you, you may approach the line. Always wave to the teacher, as a signal that you have your child.

Grades 1 - 5 will have a full day of school on Sept. 7th 8:20 AM - 2:40 PM.

Grades 1- 5 line up in the school yard on the Prospect Avenue side. Students line up in areas designated by grade. When you enter the school yard, staff will be there to guide students to their line.Teachers hold up signs to help you find the classroom. Students will line up in the same place everyday, weather permitting. If the weather is uncooperative upon arrival, please walk around to the 17th street entrance, for indoor line-up.

Grades 2 -5 will dismiss in the school yard.

Grade 1 teachers dismiss students on 7th ave along the fence. 

Please arrive no later than 2:40 PM for pick-up.

Breakfast is offered daily beginning at 7:30 AM. Breakfast is also free everyday. Students who arrive early can be escorted to the cafeteria on the first floor. Parents do not stay for breakfast. We ask that you 'drop and go'. 

Are you excited? We look forward to seeing everyone on September 7th at 8:20 AM.

Staff along with PTA members and PS 10 After School staff will be there to answer your questions. Call 718.965.1190 or go to for more information.