Update on random monthly COVID-19 TESTING
Thu, Oct 1 11:03am

Beginning in October, our testing partners will test a randomly selected group of staff and students in schools once per month.

The number of children and staff to be tested each month will depend on the size of the school population. In addition to the random monthly testing, we are also working hard to offer in-school testing later this year for students who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or are a confirmed close contact of someone in the school who has tested positive. 

The test is easy, quick, and safe. This test is a short, small swab (like a Q-Tip) that goes just in the front of the nose, instead of the “long swab” that goes in the back of the nose. 


Please read the attachments carefully. You can print out the consent form and fill it out. Return consent forms in the Parent Folder to the classroom teacher as early as possible, no later than Wednesday Oct. 7th.

The  update and form will be back packed to hybrid learners this week.

Thank you