Updates on Zoom, Parent-Teacher Conferences and Students' Belongings
Fri, May 8 12:28pm

Good afternoon PS 10 families,


We just wanted to touch base as it has been a very eventful week in terms of news coming from the NYCDOE.   First of all we hope you and your families are in good health. We would also like to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to all of our amazing moms who should be appreciated now more than ever!

Zoom has officially been approved again as a viable platform for teachers to use for live instruction.  There is a dedicated DOE Zoom server that will ensure security protocols are followed. We will have more information forthcoming.

Additionally, May parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled with families of students through teacher outreach.  Students who are possibly at risk for not meeting the criteria for passing will be prioritized in these conferences. Teachers have been reaching out to families whose children may require additional support and will continue to do so through May 22nd.

Finally, we wanted to share that there is no plan in effect yet for students' families to come into the schools to get their personal belongings. They are starting to allow staff to come in on a voluntary basis to grab their personal effects but not materials, books or supplies.  The custodians are continuing to give the school a deep cleaning but they are not throwing out any of the students' items from desks or closets. Any garbage being put out are items that were taken from outside of classrooms and common areas.

We hope that all of our students and families are remaining safe and in good health.  As we continue to receive information, we will pass it on to you.