When your child may not be feeling well at home........
Tue, Feb 6 2:32pm

Please let teachers know if your child shows signs of being sick  with cold or flu, but seems well enough to be at school, so that we are aware and can watch out for further symptoms.


If you know your child is not well, please make the necessary arrangements for your child to stay home until they are feeling better. 


Students who come to school sick are sent to the nurse's office soon after they arrive. You may get a call shortly after you get to your job, asking you to pick your child as soon as possible, leaving you no choice but to return to school.

 It is heartbreaking to see a child sitting slumped over at the nurses office, waiting for you to return. Some children have to stay in a chair in front of  the Nurse's office for hours, waiting to be taken home. 

Attendance should never be an issue when your child is sick. This type of absence is expected.  A specific attendance code is used when the  student returns with a Doctor's note.