Special Needs Parenting
This group is NOT only for people with children who have clearly defined special needs. Anyone who is curious about their children and has no idea where to find resources. Anyone who wants to know how to teach their neurotypical children about special needs. Anyone who wants to learn something for themselves, just to know. I was eager to build a place where we can learn, grow and trust. Parents of special needs children find themselves feeling alone or ashamed or any number of feelings because, let's face it, that's the human response. But I would like to foster a safe environment for parents like myself where we can be open and honest with our feelings and we can learn and gain resources from one another. Navigating this system can be terrifying and there are a lot of paths to choose. How do you know if it is the right one? I want to help and I think if we can get enough parents on here others can even help me. I am hoping this can grow enough for coffee dates, play dates (with ALL children), maybe even home hosted workshops? We can cross that bridge when we come to it but in the meantime, I want you to feel safe and included knowing you are not alone at PS10, whether your child is physically or mentally disabled, has autism, or even just behavioral issues that may be from ADHD or some oppositional behavior. We can also use this as a place to discuss the amazing job PS10 is doing for our special needs students and maybe brainstorm ways we can be involved and help them to continue expanding that amazing work.
(Max: 60)