[ARCHIVED from Thursday, Aug 13] Blended Learning Model for Fall 2020
Tue, Sep 1 4:14pm

Dear PS107 Families,

I hope you are finding time to enjoy your summer given the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves. We learned from Governor Cuomo last week that city schools are expected to reopen on Thursday September 10th due to the low average infection rate across the state. Mayor de Blasio said he will make an announcement at the beginning of September to confirm reopening in case infection rates climb above 3%, the cut off rate for the safe reopening of schools. Our students’ health, safety and emotional well-being will be at the forefront of all planning and decision-making as we implement a blended learning model and a fully remote schedule this year. 

I am writing to share the blended learning model we will implement this fall. This selection was made in consultation with our School Leadership Team (parents, teachers and administrators) and our Summer Planning Team (teachers and administrators) based on the priorities for our school. It has been approved by our Superintendent. We are very pleased to be able to have a 2-cohort (A/B) model, only possible because our register numbers dropped and a significant number of families opted for All Remote instruction.

We have selected the Chancellor’s recommended model, 1A (below).

In this model there are two in-person groups (A & B).  Each group will have two consistent days of instruction every week (Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri). Mondays will alternate between the two in-person groups.  Group D is the All Remote group.

And now the all important next phase of our work has begun which includes programming students and creating class schedules. These are immense tasks, even in a school as small as ours. Normally we have the entire summer to complete these tasks. This year we will have just two short weeks. We plan to have your child’s group assignment to you no later than Wednesday August 26th. 

Some of you have requested a specific group assignment based on childcare or work needs. We truly appreciate these requests and want to help if we can. Please understand that we have significant constraints in that a very large percentage of our children are siblings and their placement on the same group schedule is our top priority. We also have absolute size limits for each classroom as required for social distancing, making things even more complicated. We will make every effort to accommodate your requests but cannot make any guarantees. Any further requests must be received no later than this Monday August 17th by 3pm in order to finalize our group assignments by the 8/26 deadline. The PTA will share childcare resources in the near future for families who still need help with arrangements.

More details about reopening will follow in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please know how much we miss you and your children. We look forward to meeting our new families and to seeing all of you, whether in person or virtually, in September.