Tue, Jan 11 5:21pm

Dear PS 107 Families, 


First, another policy update from the DOE regarding students/staff who have recovered from a confirmed case of COVID within the past 90 days (the language below is taken directly from the DOE's guidance for principals): 

  • Students or staff who have recovered from a confirmed case of COVID within the past 90 days do not have to quarantine or test following an exposure unless they show COVID symptoms. The health screener will be revised to address this question. Students and staff who tested positive AND had COVID within the past 90 days can enter the building. 
  • Going forward, students or staff who have recovered from a confirmed case of COVID within the past 90 days should not receive at-home test kits following exposure and should not ​participate in PCR testing.

Now for today's case update. These cases were reported to me between yesterday at 3 pm and today at 3 pm: 

  • 7 positive cases reported between 3 pm Monday and 3 pm Tuesday
    • All cases involved exposure to the school community, as the individuals testing positive were in the building yesterday 
  • 80% of students were in attendance today

All parents whose children were in classrooms of individuals testing positive received an email (NOT a Konstella) directly from me earlier today. If they have not already received test kits from the school this week, children will bring home test kits today. 


If the cases also resulted in after-school exposures, parents will receive an email directly from Sandy Phillips. In some situations, these test kits will be delivered to students tomorrow, Wednesday. 


The DOE's official notification letter to the community is attached. 


And finally, if you have made it to the end of this message, here is a non-COVID-related request: if you have not yet done so, please endorse our Participatory Budgeting project for a new playground for PS 107. (Thus far, we have, by far, the most endorsements of any project idea on the list. Go Team!) This is just the first step to get this project on the Participatory Budgeting ballot. Thank you for your support!


my best, 

Ms Joanna