[SCHOOLWIDE NOTIFICATION] Two Positive Cases of COVID + Outdoor Lunch This Week
Sun, Mar 20 7:15pm

Dear PS 107 Families, 


Over the weekend, two positive cases of COVID were reported to me. Families of students in close contact with the individuals testing positive were notified directly by me. One case also involved exposure to the afterschool community, and those families were notified by Sandy Phillips. 


On Friday, all PS 107 students who have not recovered from COVID in the last 90 days, were sent home with COVID test kits. It's recommended that you test your child either tonight or tomorrow morning, before they come to school. The second test can be administered on Thursday evening or Friday morning. If your child develops COVID-like symptoms between the first and second test, you can administer the second test right away. 


The DOE's official notification about these cases is attached. 


Weather-permitting, all students in K-5 will eat outdoors this week. Children will sit on "sit-upons" so they do not need to sit on the ground. Parents may opt-out of outdoor lunch if they prefer. Please send me/Pamela Rosenberg a Konstella or send an email to jcohen@ps107.org and prosenberg@ps107.org


I hope that you enjoyed the spring-like weather this weekend! It was perfectly timed with the Spring Equinox. 



Ms Joanna