[UNOFFICIAL SCHOOLWIDE NOTIFICATION] Two confirmed positive COVID cases in 2nd grade
Tue, Dec 21 10:07am

Dear Families, 


Note that this is a schoolwide notification. The class impacted has been notified directly.


I am writing to inform you that we have just learned of two positive cases of COVID in 2nd grade. Close contacts have been notified by phone call. 


As the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly and among vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, I urge you to monitor your children closely and keep them home if they are exhibiting symptoms. Testing is a challenge at the moment, but we do encourage regular testing if you are able to do so. 


I will be holding a Town Hall today at noon in an effort to update you on current DOE guidelines, what we are doing as a school to keep students safe, and what you can do at home. I will take questions as well. Please join via Zoom if you are able: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85638032221?pwd=UXRBV2tiL1dSQTEzTTMrYUFpRHlVdz09


Take care and stay safe!


Ms Joanna