“So, explain this to me again…?”
Mon, Apr 17 12:25pm

“Why does the Annual Fund neeeeeeed $220,000 this year, anyway?” 


We’re so glad you asked! (Ready to give?  Click here.


✅ Music teacher, art teacher, and science teacher – made possible through the Annual Fund. 

✅ Professional development for teachers – yup, you guessed it – Annual Fund. 

✅ Residencies (art or science) for every grade – Annual Fund Annual Fund Annual Fund! 

✅  Big Yard improvements and equipment, technology platforms (Operoo, Konstella, etc), and more – Annual Fund strikes again! 


"But wait? I don't understand. Don't all donations to the PTA go to the Annual Fund?" This is an excellent question and one that we get asked all the time. Answer: The Annual Fund consists of outright, straight up cash donations to the PTA. It is the PTA's biggest campaign of the year. Participation in other PTA endeavors and events such as the Read-a-Thon, Auction, Fall Festival, sales, etc. is extremely important to our collective needs as a school community, but is not the same as (and counted separately from) the Annual Fund. 


So far, our collective school community has given nearly $190,000, which is INCREDIBLE! We have $30,000 to reach our $220,000 goal by June 30, 2023. 


It all adds up! Every gift matters. Your gift matters. Give today. 


Questions? Contact PS 107 parent, Diana Gatschet. 


Thank you!