14 St Street Shift Changes and Call for Volunteers
Mon, Dec 14 10:25am

Hi Everyone,


We are revising 14th Street usage a bit.  We still need 8 volunteers for Wednesday and 3 on Thursday (both weather permitting!)  


Sign up here:




Additionally, here are a few changes:


  1. We are going to switch to two volunteer periods for both Wednesday and Thursday. Only Shift #2 and Shift #3 will remain. 


  1. In the case of inclement weather you will be notified via Konstella if your shift is cancelled. You can also reach out to Will Cameron, who heads up the Outdoor Committee at 917-273-0401 to confirm.


  1. One parent at the first shift should pick up the safety vests and stop sign/flag from Pamela in the main office (once they enter the building the school safety agent will call  her outside) and a parent on the final shift should return everything to Pamela as well. We can no longer leave the vests, signs and flags in the big yard.


  1. Parent volunteers need to put the barriers back on the sidewalk at the end of the final shift. They can't be left in the crosswalk. 



Thank you everyone for volunteering!