14th Street Reminder and Updates
Thu, Apr 22 10:48am



Hello PS107 Parents,


The Outdoor Learning committee wants to thank everyone who has volunteered to monitor 14th Street. Since there is a very real option that our school may be moving to full time instruction for all, five days a week, we need this outdoor space more than ever! Giving all our students a safe, outdoor place to play is one of the most important things we do for them during this unusual school year. Please volunteer to supervise 14th Street whenever you can; you can always sign up here


We also have some important reminders and new guidance:


  • It is extremely important that the barricades are put back correctly. For the 8th avenue side, they need to fit together tightly and be placed as close to the curb as possible. For the PPW side, please place them against the Nighthawk building but please ensure they are not blocking their garbage.


  • Bikers are allowed to ride on the 14th Street, even when it is closed for our students, so allow them please let them do so. Kindly remind bikers, in a gentle way, to be watchful of the children.


  • We will also be providing volunteers with whistles as an easy way to give a “heads up” to teachers that bikers are coming in or when cars are exiting the block.



  • Please remember to represent the spirit of PS 107! We ask that you be kind; please don’t raise your voice at others. Should one of our 14th Street neighbors be getting upset at the closure situation, please refer them to our email address.  We will have it on fliers placed on the block. 


Thank you again for your commitment to providing a safe outdoor space for our students; you are an essential part of our community and please know that your work is truly appreciated. 


We are PS 107!