2018 Read-A-Thon Winners
Mon, Mar 12 1:26pm

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Read-A-Thon! Together our students read thousands and thousands of hours and raised more than $9,000 for our school!!

Special thank you to Desiree Cassese for originating the Read-a-thon for PS107. Thank you also to Desiree, Carolina Carvalho Cross and Emily Valente for their help running the Read-A-Thon, Meg Ripley for designing the beautiful poster, Peg Galella for securing a sponsor, and Powerhouse Books for being our sponsor and donating prizes for our winners.

And most of all ... thank you and congratulations to our readers who read the most this year!

School-wide Grand Prizes:

1st place:  Ben Vella - 4th Grade
2nd place: Sophie Bynum - 3rd Grade
3rd place:  Cooper Kurzawa  - 4th Grade

5th Grade:

1st place:  Mira Nambiar
2nd place:  Daniela Cruz
3rd place:   Aaron Miller

4th Grade:

1st place:  Lili Szileszky-Abella
2nd place: Jonah Litman
3rd place:  Amelia Eng

3rd Grade:

1st place:  Matthew Becker
2nd place: Abraham Becker
3rd place:  Rose Sobel

2nd Grade:

1st place:  Beckett Neithardt
2nd place: Talia Leibowitz
3rd place:  Stella Dempsey

1st Grade:

1st place:  Isabel Kast
2nd place: Juna Knox
3rd place:  Molly McNamara


1st place:  Zoey Blackman
2nd place: Kayli Vella
3rd place:  Stella Bynum