2024's INCREDIBLE Teacher Appreciation Week!
Tue, May 14 11:09am

This past week, we celebrated PS 107 teachers and staff with our annual Teacher Appreciation Week. We wanted to send thanks to the many families/parent volunteers who donated their time, food, and goods to make all of them feel our love and gratitude. 


We'd especially like to thank Elaine Mui, Eunice Lee and Stephanie Shaw for organizing the entire week. They set the week's schedule, coordinated with volunteers and the PTA, collected funds from each class, and were physically present in the building all week. 


Finally, we'd also like to thank Alma Lacour, parent and owner of Rider, for the extra soaps and candles, Nadia for working tirelessly with the TAW leads, and Casey Calhoun, for sharing a Wonder TAW discount with all the teachers and staff. 


For more pictures of the week - keep scrolling!