3 quick things to consider when donating to the Annual Fund
Thu, Sep 22 9:30pm

With just a few weeks into the school year, we've surpassed $13,000 in Annual Fund donations. THANK YOU to those who have already given! Click here to give to the Annual Fund today. 


Here are 3 quick questions to ask yourself when making a gift to the Annual Fund this year: 

  1. How much should I give? Consider the following: Our Annual Fund need this year increased to $220,000. If you're a renewing donor, increasing your annual donation amount will help us make up for the difference. Last year, gifts to the Annual Fund ranged $10 to well over $5,000; the average gift was $494. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats--so give what you can and we'll make our goal TOGETHER.  
  2. Is monthly giving right for me? Many families find that monthly giving is a great way to manage and maximize their support of the Annual Fund.  Setting up your automatic monthly donation is easy when you give through Konstella
  3. Should I give now or later? Giving today helps ensure the PTA can support the school when needs arise throughout the year. That said, give when you can make the most impact. For some families, this is before the end of the calendar year; for others, it's later in the school year; and for some, it's multiple times throughout the year. 

But here's the most important question: Do I really make a difference when I donate to the Annual Fund? The answer is YESEvery donation helps provide direct, budget-relieving support for the school and an enriched experience for our kids on a daily basis. Your gift matters. 


(Okay, that was 4 questions, not 3. But the gif was too fun not to use it.)


Click here to give. Thank you for your support! 


We Are PS 107.


Questions? Contact PS 107 Parent and PTA member, Diana Gatschet