A Gig Art Day Thank You From The Arts Committee!
Thu, May 20 10:43am

Hello 107 Community!

The Arts Committee thanks everyone involved in Art Day for your help to get the day out of the building and into the park! Thank you Ms. Eve for our shout-out and getting the Art Day recognition rolling...

Covid-times have been a challenge, but as Ms. Sandy has said a lot this year- when you’re given lemons, make lemonade! Art Day this year was a tall, cool glass if ever we had one. Ms. Sandy gets some kudos here because without seeing how Afterschool managed to run, we may not have had the vision for how Art Day could still happen.

Art Day also would not have happened without funding and support- looking especially at you Ted and Kelly -from the PTA- thank you!! (Jen & Nancy, your votes of confidence did not go unappreciated either:)

What would the kids have done without beautiful, fun workshops to go to? Thank you workshop leaders! And who would the workshops been for if families hadn’t come out- shout out to everyone who participated in the workshops Saturday; it was such a treat to have gaggles of creativity spread along the south-west corner of the park.

Big ups to the volunteers who helped make the day run!! Really appreciate the time you spent with us on a gorgeous Saturday:) And thank you Pamela and Ms. Julie for being our women on the inside, answering logistical questions and doing a zoom meeting in the PTA closet!! Gratitude to Santi, not sure if we impacted your work schedule Saturday, but you are always a pleasure to work with around school- thank you!!

Lastly- thanks to the Arts Committee at-large!! Having more brains working on this project made it more fun and easier for all. Hopefully the committee will gain a few more people next year to help with Art Day and to assist in bringing various arts/crafts/culture experiences and know-how to 107.

Yours-in-paint, pencils, markers, yarn, chalk, dye, and of course hula-hoops,-The Arts Committee co-chairs:
Becky, Sarah and Spring.