A Note From Ms Diane!
Thu, Mar 19 11:31am

Good Morning Parents and Students!!

I am wishing you all my love and hope you are staying well while dealing with all that is going on in the world. I am available to all to talk by phone, email or texts. I miss you all. I am having a hard time social distancing so I understand how you all feel. Hopefully we can get through this together. There is no better community than ours.

My suggestion for all of you is to take a break, get up and move around in your home. If possible, go for a run, but do not forget to social distance yourself. If you would like to exercise with me, I will have virtual hours and will send a schedule for anyone who wants to join. If you do not want to exercise, we can talk and move slowly together.

Starting Monday, you will be able to join your grade for PE on google classroom. More information about that will follow.

Stay safe,

Ms. Diane