A Note From The PS 107 PTA
Mon, Apr 6 12:05pm

Dear PS 107 families,


I hope this email finds you well and healthy. I know we are all struggling in myriad ways in these extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances. Even if we and our families are healthy and safe, we have suffered a collective loss that we’re all grieving. For those who have lost family or friends to the virus, the loss and grief is infinitely more acute. As Governor Cuomo reminds us, we are tough New Yorkers. And we will get through this together. For now, our priorities have shifted to maintaining our health and safety and attending to our emotional well being. 


Our children are feeling the stress as well. Being cooped up inside, the ominous threat of the virus, the lack of the routine of school, and the loss of connections with friends, classmates and teachers is taking a toll. Children cannot necessarily express their worries in the same way as adults. But we all know our kids and can see the various ways their anxiety is manifesting. 


Remote school has been stressful for my family and for most families I’ve communicated with. I now have a much greater appreciation for how hard teachers work! If my class of two children is trying, I can’t imagine a class of 25, let alone 32. My kids, like most, require a lot of management from me to get their assignments done during distance learning. If I were also trying to work from home, as I know many of you are, I’m betting I would find it next to impossible. Seems as though we just got the hang of zoom and now the DOE has banned the use of it. Our teachers, and in turn our families and our children, are being asked to pivot yet again. This is frustrating for everyone. 


I know you all have great ideas as well as questions and concerns about how all of this is going to work. For now, teachers are asking for our patience as they figure it out. Many of them are also balancing working with having their children home. Please refrain from emailing your teacher this week, as attending to individual emails slows down the process of changing to a (yet another) new remote learning system. 


I know we are all doing the very best that we can under the circumstances. Every family has to do what works for them and their child(ren). Health, safety, and emotional well being are paramount. 


We are PS 107!


Best regards,

Amy Weintraub

PTA president 

Mom of 8th grader, 4th grader, and Kindergartener