A Packers Hat, Knicks Gloves, Batman Rainboots and More
Thu, Jan 17 10:57pm

If you've ever said this:

"Oh man (insert child's name)!  I can't believe you lost your (insert one of the following)

  • Turkey Trot hat
  • Red Bull cap
  • Florida Atlantic hat
  • Brooklyn Nets hat
  • Notre Dame hat
  • New Voices hat
  • Carhartt hat
  • Packers hat
  • Knicks gloves
  • Batman rainboots
  • PS 107 sweatshirt
  • flower print baseball cap"

... then you're in luck! They're in the Lost & Found!

Those specific items plus tons of coats, hats, and gloves are waiting to be retrieved in the lobby right outside the office.

Take a look at the pics below and see if you can find something yours, and come get it ASAP.

Plus a reminder to label your clothes! We always personally notify anyone about a lost item if it has a label. 


The Lost & Found Club