Tue, Apr 6 1:39pm

Hello 107!

The Arts Committee is excited to announce that we are going to organize an Art Day for the Covid-times!

May 15th!! 

Mark your calendar!

Of course, we are looking to the PS 107 Parent community for help putting this beloved event on for our kids, so...

  • Have you gained Zoom skills and would be able to help the online workshop leaders manage the “room”?
  • Have you developed a new crafty skill or explored an artistic curiosity you’d like to share?
  • Are you excited to do a little something with the school community?

We will be asking families to sign up in advance for the workshops, so keep your eyes peeled.

There will be online workshops in the morning and in-person workshops in the afternoon; so far we plan to utilize the park and the sidewalk around school.

Next organizational meeting is 4/8, 8:15pm!

If you’re interested, contact Becky at or go ahead and join the Arts Committee on Konstella so you can get the meeting invite, and we can be in touch!!

Thank you!
-The Arts Committee.