Actions for Safe Communities: LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN
Wed, Jun 1 8:00pm - Wed, Jun 15 3:00pm
1 day before

As promised, for those looking to take action in response to recent events, here is a great way to make your voices heard.  

Starting this week, PS107 families are invited to participate in a letter-writing campaign to elected officials asking them to keep our communities safe and thank you letters to healthcare workers who treat victims of gun violence. Similar to the collection of Valentine’s cards at school for elderly, these letters will be collected in boxes at the school and will be delivered by parent volunteers.  The box will be located just inside the front door of the school.  Please create your own letters/drawings or use the sample letters below as a guide.


The letter collection will end on Wednesday, June 15 - so get your letters in today!  

Sample Letter to Elected Officials


You and/or your child can write a letter to an elected official of your choosing.  The letter can be dropped off at school and we will deliver the letters to the elected officials.  The federal and state elected officials who represent PS107 are Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Governor Kathy Hochul, NY Senator Kevin Parker and NYS Assemblymember Robert Carroll. 


Sample language* here below as a guide - adjust to fit what feels right for you!



  • Introduction.


      • My name is _____ and I live in _____.


  • A statement expressing your concern.


      • I am very concerned about gun violence in our country.
      • We are the only developed nation to suffer from staggering numbers of gun deaths every year.
      • I am alarmed by how common gun violence has become in the United States/New York


  • A personal statement.


      • I want to feel safe in my city/school.
      • Gun violence has touched my life personally. (Explain.)
      • My family should feel free to go to work and school and to the movies without worrying that someone will shoot us on purpose or by accident.


  • What you see as the solution.


      • We should be working to strengthen gun laws, not loosen them.
      • We need to keep guns out of the hands of irresponsible and troubled people.
      • We need to implement laws to protect public safety.
      • We need to require universal background checks on all gun purchases.


  • What you are asking your legislator to do.


      • I would like you to vote for public safety and against gun extremism.
      • I would like you to work for strong gun laws that will protect my family and me.
      • I would like you to stand up for common sense gun laws.


  • Sign off with name and contact info.


*Based on information provided the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence


Sample Letter to Healthcare Workers


Recently, firearm-related deaths became the leading cause of death among children.  Doctors across the country are on the front lines of trying to heal victims of gun violence.  The American Academy of Pediatrics also created a Gun Safety Committee to try to preventatively fight this public health epidemic outside of hospitals.

Please write thank you letters to these doctors.  Colorful drawings are encouraged!  All letters dropped off at PS107 will be mailed to doctors from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Gun Safety Committee.


Sample phrases include:

  • Thank you for fighting for the lives of kids.
  • Thank you for healing so many patients in your job.
  • You are a superhero!  Thank you for all you do for gun violence prevention. 
  • Thank you for making our communities better. 
  • Thank you for fighting the good fight both inside and outside of your hospital.



Thanks everyone, please reach out to us: