Afterschool Open with Modifications
Wed, Mar 7 1:31pm

Dear Afterschool Families,

At the moment we are still planning that Afterschool will be open today, but with some modifications due to the severe weather.  At the moment we plan to remain open until 6:00 pm, but operating with modified staffing and absolutely no staffing past 6:00 pm and therefore no accommodations for any form of lateness at pickup time.   Please note that if weather forces DOE schools or Afterschool programs to close or announce an early closure, we may alter our schedule and close early as well.

As there is an expectation that travel will be very slow this afternoon, we ask that all families plan ahead to leave lots of travel time or to make alternate arrangements for on time pickup.

Any outdoor programs will be cancelled this afternoon.  Due to many of our specialty teachers traveling from long distances, some programs will not run today.  If your child’s program will not run we will arrange for a make-up class at the end of the session and you will receive a separate e-mail informing you of the cancelation.

Thank you for your understanding as we work for a smooth and happy snowy afternoon.



Sandy Phillips
Executive Director
Park Slope Afterschool Center