Alert: Coxsackievirus at PS 107
Wed, Oct 26 12:50pm

Dear PS 107 Families, 


I’m writing to let you know that we have had several diagnosed cases of Coxsackievirus (also known as Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease) at PS 107 in the last few days. We have not yet reached the threshold of a “cluster” in any one class yet (3 cases in one classroom), but we are watching carefully as Coxsackievirus is extremely contagious. 


Please review this information sheet from the CDC so that you are familiar with the symptoms of Coxsackievirus. We recommend regular handwashing for all students, and we will be thoroughly cleaning the surfaces in classrooms where there have been diagnosed cases. 


Note that students who have Coxsackievirus may return to school once they are fever-free without the use of medication for 24 hours, they feel well enough to return to school, and their blisters are crusting over or healing. 


Please reach out to me or to Nurse Kara if you have any questions about Coxsackievirus. I am well-acquainted with it as my teenage daughter contracted it this past summer and can attest to the fact that it is no fun. 😕



Ms Joanna