And we have LIFTOFF...Give to the Annual Fund TODAY!
Mon, Sep 19 10:18pm


With the 2022-2023 school year underway, the PTA is excited to officially launch PS 107’s Annual Fund. Hooray! Click here to donate now


Why give? 


PS 107’s partnership between the PTA, school leadership, and teachers remains a vital component of what makes our school a wonderful place for students to learn and grow. Amidst budget cuts to schools across the DOE this year–including our school–this partnership remains critical to keeping PS 107 an enriching environment for our kids and families. 


In response to these cuts, the PTA is committed to raising $220,000 in Annual Fund donations this year. Yes, you read that right: $220,000–a 10% increase from our goal last year. Why did we make this commitment?  So many reasons! 1. These funds are vital for our school’s operations this year.  2. Our amazingly generous community consistently steps up to the plate when asked.  And 3. Our kids need and deserve it! 


PTA funds provide school budget-relieving support that impact our kids and families every day, such as:

  • Art and music teachers
  • Science teacher 
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Arts residencies
  • Big Yard improvements
  • Technology platforms like Konstella and Operoo 
  • And more!   

The Annual Fund is the PTA’s largest campaign of the year and every gift matters--YOUR gift matters. 


Please give as generously as you can. We understand that some families are suffering in this economy and that others are faring better. We hope that 100% of PS 107 families will make a gift that is meaningful to them. Whether you give $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000, or a gift of any other amount, every single gift matters.  


If you are a renewing donor from last year, we hope you will consider increasing your donation amount, if you are able, by at least 10% to help us toward our increased Annual Fund need this year of $220,000. 


Make your tax-deductible gift now on Konstella. 


More information about giving to this year's Annual Fund can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact PS 107 parent, Diana Gatschet, at


Thank you very much for your support! 


We are PS 107. 


P.S. Make a one-time gift or be a monthly giver! You choose when you make your gift on Konstella.