Announcement about Lice - Please Read
Mon, Nov 4 2:05pm

Hello families,


We have had a sudden surge in cases of head lice being reported today.


This is across all grades and a variety of classrooms because of siblings.


We can, as a community, take steps to eradicate the problem if we all work together.


Step 1:  Comb Out your Children's Hair on Election Day


Do this regardless of  whether or not you see anything.


Instructions are attached.


You can also call or visit our neighborhood professional lice consultants:


The Lady Bugs **

Shayna Brown


** PS 107 families get a $25 discount


Lice Busters

Yoni Harel

145 Sterling Place (salon right off the corner of 7th Ave)



Step 2: Report all cases of head lice to school. We keep your communication confidential.


Let me know if you have any questions or need further information. You can reach me at:


email: (for the quickest response!)

tel: 718.499.2054 x1031


Thank you!!