Annual Fund progress - WOW! (and please give!)
Tue, Feb 11 10:53am

Thanks so much to everyone who has given to our PS 107 Annual Fund already this year. 


Has your family made your gift this year? If not, please contribute now


We need 100% participation in the Annual Fund, so we encourage you to give whatever amount is right for your family, whether $25 or $2,500. So far this school year, the average gift is $573 per child. 


If every family gives, we will reach our dollar goal of $250,000. The amount that we raise determines our programs for this year and also provides crucial funds over the summer as we plan for next year. 


Here is an update on our progress: We have raised $157,080. Amazing! 1st grade is leading in dollars, and 2nd is rocking the number of families who have given. 


Giving to date by Grade:

  • 5th:  $22K from 43 children’s families
  • 4th:  $26K from 45 children’s families
  • 3rd:  $24K from 47 children’s families
  • 2nd:  $26K from 49 children’s families
  • 1st:  $33K from 37 children’s families
  • Kindergarten:  $20K from 46 children’s families
  • Pre-K:  $4K from 6 children’s families


Finally, if your employer matches charitable gifts, please be sure to submit your request to double your contribution. 


If you have any questions, please let me know at 


Thank you again! 


Elizabeth de Velasco

PS 107, Annual Fund


P.S. To give now, please visit our Konstella Fundraising/Annual Fund page. Thank you.