Annual Fund: Let's make April count!
Wed, Apr 17 9:12am

If the school year were broken up into quarters, we'd be entering the fourth one right now. We're also closing in on the fourth and final day of the year that's a multiple of 107 - 4/28!

With spring recess in a few days, the PTA encourages you to pause and celebrate PS 107 - with a gift to the Annual Fund. Think about your kids' growth throughout the year so far. So many tangible aspects of their school experience are possible only through our collective support of the Annual Fund.

DONATE TODAY to help us meet our goal (which is in danger of falling short), ensuring that next year is just as wonderful. Here's how:

Contribute online via Konstella, write a check to “PS 107 PTA,” or make a gift of stock.

How much should you donate?

Donations this year have ranged from $5 to well over $5,000. The median gift amount is $300, and the mode is $500. The PTA has committed to spending $405 on each student via our Annual Fund goal this year. If you're so moved, you could even give $428 in honor of a PS 107 multiple.

If every family gives as generously as they are able, all of our individual gifts, bigger or smaller, matter. A lot. 

Let's go big by 4/28! Because why not celebrate anything 107-adjacent?

THANK YOU for all of the many ways you all support your kids, PS 107, and our broader community. We're lucky to be part of this village.


Please contact PS 107 parent Nisha Aoyama with questions about the Annual Fund: