Anyone Interested in Track at PS107?
Tue, Apr 10 9:15am

Dear PS107 Families,

We at Afterschool are very excited about PS107’s super fast children and all the fun ways for children to take part in running!  Because Afterschool and the PS107 track team overlap in many ways, we want to clarify the program for any families who would like to take part in any running that happens during Afterschool hours, in the park, and during track meets.  For those who run on Fridays, it is especially important that you read the information below fully.  We want to ensure that children are safe and that our amazing coaches are not placed in a position that puts them at legal or financial risk either.


Track on Wednesdays & Fridays:
For anyone who wants to participate in track class on Wednesdays or Fridays, your children MUST be enrolled in Park Slope Afterschool Center, registered for the class, and must stay at school for the transition to the class and return to PS107 to dismiss from Afterschool.  If a student who is not registered for the class runs with the class, or if a registered student separates from the class before or after running, our wonderful coaches, Diane and Mary, will be put into a problematic position in terms of legal liability for these children.  We do understand that the park is public property, however, the track class is not public. If children who are not on the registered rosters for the class mix in with those who are, the coaches are put in a vulnerable position, and we risk losing our insurance for the entire program. 

We are still accepting enrollments for the 2018 school year and are happy to register students.  For those who are facing financial challenges, please contact us to inquire about receiving scholarship.  For additional information on joining Afterschool, please e-mail


Thursday Morning Run:
The PTA Thursday morning parent/child runs track with Ms. Mary, so there are opportunities for all.  Thursdays morning track practices are at 7 am and are parent/child runs open to all.  This is a great alternative if you do not want to join the PSACC track classes on Wednesdays or Fridays, or a great addition if you do!  For additional information on Thursday mornings please e-mail


Joining the PS107 Track Team:
We have had a number of families who are registered for Afterschool track express interest in joining the track team.  If you would like information on the PS107 track team, you must join their Google group.  You can join the Google group by e-mailing Mary Vines at


Are You Able to Volunteer Regularly on Fridays?
Track is dependent on our amazing adult volunteers, and we do need volunteers for Friday Track. Recognizing this, we are offering a 20% discount off Friday attendance fee for those volunteers who can commit to at least 9 practices this semester.  For more information please e-mail


We look forward to seeing all the youth runners this Spring!



Sandy Phillips
Executive Director
Park Slope Afterschool Center