Armory Incident Today
Thu, Apr 18 3:11pm

Dear Families,

Today around noon an incident occurred on 14th Street as the third grade classes approached the Armory for their PE class.  One of the residents of the women's shelter, which is also housed at the Armory,  approached a teacher, made lewd comments about her (that some of the children overheard), then spat several times on and near her.  Some of the children who were nearest to her were also hit by her spittle, either directly or indirectly. 

We were notified of the incident within minutes of its occurrence.  We immediately notified NYPD and School Safety.  The Y is working with us to identify the perpetrator and a police report will be filed.  

The Y has just informed us that they will post a guard who will survey on and around the corner of 14th Street between 10am - 1pm each day, and will also be present there during dismissal.

This is a troubling and unfortunate incident.  We wanted you to know about it in the event that your child heard about it so you can help him or her process it. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.